Attendance Committee Action Plan

This Committee maintains attendance records for all members including makeups. It keeps all members informed on attendance requirements; promotes better incentives for good attendance; and seeks to discover and remove the conditions that contribute to unsatisfactory attendance.

Committee is co-chaired by Administrative Assistant and the Secretary of the club. Other members are solicited from members of the club.

Timing and Sequence
Committee's activities include:
1.      Operates weekly computerized attendance recording
2.      Provides quarterly member attendance list for posting at meetings
3.      Contacts members whose attendance is low as per the November 2005 Attendance Requirements Processing approved by the Board.

The budget should include:
1.      Software updates annually for club computer
2.      Hardware replacement - every 3 to 4 years

Reporting Requirements
Reports monthly Club attendance information to District 7670. Provides reports of member attendance for posting at meetings. Reports semiannually to Club Service Director on attendance as outlined in the Attendance Requirements Processing.