Club Bulletin Committee Action Plan

This committee publishes and distributes a weekly club bulletin. It serves to stimulate interest and improve attendance, announce the program of the forthcoming meeting, relate highlights of the previous meeting, promote fellowship, contribute to the Rotary education of all members, and report news of the club, of its members and of the worldwide Rotary program.

The committee chair is responsible for recruiting between ten and twelve club members to serve on the committee and act as reporters. Each committee member is assigned, on an alternating basis, weeks to report (in writing) on the meeting.

Timing and Sequence
Recruiting for committee members should begin immediately after accepting the Committee Chair role. Assignments for each committee member should be made after the recruiting is complete.

The current budget for the committee is $3,800 per year. This budget is for printing.

Reporting Requirements
Weekly the committee is responsible for reporting to the club on the meeting from the previous week including the program, announcements, new members, members who have received their blue badges, birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events and any other pertinent information.

Unique Requirements/Action Steps (Please be thorough and specific)

Recruitment of Committee Members
The recruiting should begin immediately after the chairman of the committee accepts the role. Ten to twelve committee members should be recruited as reporters.

Once all committee members have been recruited, assignments should be made for each week of the rotary year. The assigned weeks are recorded in an Excel spreadsheet and the spreadsheet is emailed to the entire committee. In the event that a reporter has a conflict with an assigned date, that reporter is responsible for finding a replacement from the list of committee members. All changes should be reported to the committee chair. It is in the best interest of the committee chair to call and remind the reporter for each assigned week.

At the beginning of each Rotary year, the past committee chair is responsible for forwarding the program template to the new chair. Of course, the new chair may redesign the bulletin if desired. The committee chair is responsible each week for gathering the information from the assigned reporter and from the Membership and Classification Chairs in order to prepare the bulletin. The assigned reporter and the Membership and Classification Chairs are asked to email their respective reports to the Bulletin Chair by the Wednesday afternoon following the meeting. The bulletin chair is responsible for taking the information and preparing the bulletin. Once prepared, the file should be saved in PDF format and forwarded, by email, to the printer no later than the Friday afternoon prior to each Tuesday meeting. This email should be copied to the District Governor, Assistant Governor and the President of the Club.

Once the printer receives the file they print, fold and deliver the bulletins to the meeting site. It is important to note that the "shell" of the bulletin is printed twice per year. The pictures on the front are changed to reflect activities and events that have taken place during the previous twelve months.

The committee chair is responsible for securing advertising for the bulletin for the entire Rotary year. Advertising is sold on a monthly basis.