Education Grants Committee Action Plan

This committee receives and considers applications from public and private school teachers in Henderson County for grants to develop unique teaching tools and methods in their classrooms; and makes grants totaling around $25,000 in June of each year.

The chair recruits committee members throughout the year. There are quarterly meetings in the first half of the year. Monthly meetings the last half, with e-mail communication as needed.

Timing & Sequence
The bulk of this committee's work is carried out in March- getting grant applications out through the board of education, April/May- receive and review grants. May/June- award grants, present program to the club.,/

$30,000. all for teacher projects.

Reporting Requirements
As needed to program director, president and general membership.

Unique Requirements/Action Steps (Please be thorough and specific)
In April grant applications go out to the teachers through the board of education announcement system.
In May the grants committee electronically reviews all proposals and determines which grants will be funded and at what level.
In June the grants committee will present the general meeting program inviting representative teachers to speak about their grant experiences.