Rotary Foundation Committee Action Plan

Collects funds in a variety of ways for the purpose of encouraging members to become Sustaining Members and Paul Harris Fellows. Funds of the Foundation are awarded by RI to work toward achieving international understanding and world peace through international humanitarian projects, such as worldwide polio eradication, education, and cultural exchange programs.

Any club member can be the chair, and will work closely with the Club Secretary who maintains all records both locally and with RI. Significant record keeping is required for this project, and has been done by Club Secretary. It includes listing sustaining members, billing them quarterly for their contribution, recoding member payments and forwarding appropriate funds to RI.

Timing and Sequence
Prepare and present, or arrange for a District Representative to present, the annual solicitation for our members to become Sustaining Rotary Members by contributing $100 per year to the RI Sustaining Membership Fund. These contributions accrue toward the basic $1000 fee to become a PHF.
Make known to members throughout the year the outcomes that RI achieves due to the contributions made by club members. Arrange programs and or follow-up announcements to help club members understand the importance of contributing to the Rotary Foundation.
Remind members on the possibility of becoming Paul Harris Fellows, or naming family members, co-workers or others as Paul Harris Fellows. Formal recognition presentations are made by the club president as PHF fellowships are approved by RI.
Interface with those who conduct new member orientation to inform new members as they join the club.

Budget The Board of Directors has agreed to underwrite for all new Sustaining Members, half of the $100 fee for their initial year. If this practice continues, the program will need no more than $1300-$1500 annually. No other funds are required.

Reporting Requirements
Three levels of reporting are needed: announcements to the club on progress toward the 100% Sustaining Member goal, local records on which quarterly billing is prepared, and formal update reports to RI naming Sustaining Members and their contributions.

Unique Requirements/Action Steps (Please be thorough and specific)
Accurate record keeping is essential because we're dealing with members' out-of-pocket money.
Recent successes have been directly connected to the informational nature of the Rotary Foundation program. RI provides a program on line, both slides and scripts, so a local member can present the program.
After members sign on for the "automatic billing" sequence, they remain there until they ask to be removed a rare request.
The Rotary Foundation program is best offered in late October or early November, with three or four weeks of follow-up announcements.