Membership Committee Action Plan

This committee reviews all proposals for membership, obtains any additional information needed for eligibility and votes on recommendation to the Board.  Conducts orientations, arranges inductions and assists in new member participation.  If necessary, will recruit prospective new members through the membership of our club to meet or exceed goals set by the Board.

Timing and Sequence
Chair or Co-chairs chosen by Director(s) of Club Services. The committee consists of no less than 7 members including the chairs and an Advisor (previous year's chair, if possible). Committee members will share all areas of responsibility.

The Chair and committee members should be identified before June and a meeting held to provide information, establish procedures and set goals prior to July 1st. Additional meetings on as needed basis, but a minimum of two, purpose to discuss progress and possible changes to recommend to next year's committee.

New Member packet ($18.50) per member
Orientation Materials ($12.00) per member
Prospective Member lunches (up to 3 per new member) $8 per member
(Future budgets should reflect approximately 20 new members.)

Reporting Requirements
Maintain an ongoing record of all new members and all resignations.
Report to Directors of Club Services once a month, prior to the Board Meeting.
Communicate results to membership minimum of twice a year.
May be reported by Director or Chair.

Unique Requirements/Action Steps
Prepare and update Orientation Manual.
Arrange 7 Day notice after Board approval
Arrange Orientation Facility
Schedule Induction with President
Notify New Member, Executive Secretary, Sponsor, Photographer
Submit names of new members, phone numbers and email addresses to the Fellowship Chair and post same in the Bulletin
Ensure Blue Badges are ordered and work with new members to meet the Blue Badge requirements.
Keep sponsors involved on new member progress or if problems surface.
Train members of committee to conduct orientations.