Club Photographer Committee Action Plan

To photograph all meeting as well as special functions of the Club.

The club photographer will have other photographers available if needed. These should consist of those Rotarians capable and willing to take photos. There should be at least 2 members with no upper limit. The designated committee member will be available to shot photos for the club with one other committee member available in the event that the photographer is absent for some unknown reason.

Timing and Sequence
Committee member recruiting should start in April and continue as the year unfolds. Tentative times should be established for presentations, usually every 3 months.

The club will budget $100 per year for miscellaneous expenses

Reporting Requirements
On a regular basis, usually every 3 months, the committee will give a slide show before the meeting. The committee will furnish publicity photos to the publicity chair. At the end of the Rotary year the committee will present a CD to the outgoing president and the club historian for archiving. Photos will be sent to the website chair for inclusion on the club web site. Photos will be sent to the district office for inclusion in the District Newsletter. Any club member may receive copies and/or prints of any of the photographs committee members take.

Unique Requirements
A digital projector should be available when needed. Since we now have a digital projector mounted on the ceiling this requirement is only applicable off site.

Submitted : 12/1/05 by John F. Orolin, current Club Photographer