Program Committee Action Plan

This committee arranges for and prepares the programs for the regular and special meetings of the club, including speakers and other presentations of interest to the club.

The President-Elect is the chair, and should recruit 6 to 12 members each to plan a month of programs. The designated committee member will introduce the speaker to the club.

Timing and Sequence
Committee member recruiting should start in April and continue as the year unfolds. Tentative times should be established for presentations by the following:
  • District Governor's visit and presentation
  • Four club assemblies or working sessions spread throughout the year
  • Group Study Exchange
  • Youth Exchange

The club does not pay speakers, but has a small budget for Speaker's gifts

Reporting Requirements
On a regular basis, the chair will send a summary of the up-coming 3 - 5 programs to the bulletin chair, website chair and the President

Unique Requirements
Program guidelines
Type of program: The program should be of interest to all members and guests of the club, and may be informative or entertaining. Generally, we group entertaining programs into the Holiday season.
  a. Rotary Monthly Themes: RI has themes for the early months of the Rotary year and one program within that month should address the designated theme.
  b. Political speakers: Incumbent politicians in leadership positions in the city, county, state and federal government are encouraged to present the state of the government, but may not campaign for next office. Presentations by individual candidates for office are discouraged unless all candidates for that office are given equal time to present.
  c. Presentations by club members: Sometimes the best presentations are by club members. Often these tie into the presenter's vocation or unique avocation. Keep your ears open for situations of this sort.
  d. Repeat performances: We should make every attempt not to repeat a program within a 3 year time period.

Advocacy Groups : These organizations, often non-profit seeking funds or members, are not encouraged unless their efforts tie to an International, district or local service project. When in doubt, ask!