Salvation Army Bell Ringing

This annual event has long been a favorite fund raiser by the membership. Not so much for the competition with Kiwanis, but more because our membership views this as an opportunity to aid the less fortunate in our community. For many of us, it is one of the annual events of the holiday season that gently reminds us of why we celebrate Christmas. It is also an opportunity to display one of our Rotary beliefs - Service Above Self.

We begin the planning in late fall in choosing the Saturday we feel best works for our membership and reserving that date with the Army.

Once the date is announced to the membership, we also begin the process of choosing the bell ringing locations that will best maximize our efforts and utilize as many members as possible. We enjoy working with Interact and Roteract as we plan the joint participation. These local clubs add support to the Rotarian(s) on duty but do not replace our membership, as this interaction allows for additional opportunities to become better acquainted with our young people.

Members are encouraged to fill all of the one hour time periods Those of us that annually support this ministry are asked to note on our contribution that we are Rotarians in order for the club to receive credit for the donation.

Members are encouraged on the Friday preceding to call the person that follows their hour to remind them of their commitment as we can't leave the kettle unattended.

The Chairman generally makes himself available to take care of emergencies and last minute replacements that may arise.