Jim Finch Scholarships Committee Action Plan

This committee works with local school officials to identify graduating seniors worthy of receiving a cash award from the club. Each of the four high schools in Henderson County and Blue Ridge Community College participate in this program. In addition to $1,000 cash awards, each student receives a handsome plaque with a clock for his or her desk or mantel.

Committee chair-usually a past president
committee never meets
Chair just recruits members (again usually past presidents or someone with an affiliation to a particular school) to present the awards.
{If someone wanted to take a more active role in the choice of recipients they could play that into whatever they wanted to)

Timing & Sequence
Contact guidance counselors at each of the high schools in January or February and let them know we need them to identify a student for the award. (Sometimes this is the same person every year, sometimes not). Then in April get back in touch with that contact person and let them know you will need the recipients name at least 10 days before the award ceremony for their school. Find out when their award ceremony is. Get the names of the recipients and order the awards. Recruit members to present the checks and clock plaques at the awards ceremony for each school. Personal data (accomplishments and Social Security #) on the recipient needs to be gathered so a short presentation speech can be compiled to give to the presenter. Contact the club secretary with the name and SS# to get the checks.

Also each school has a standing Cup or Plaque that stays with the school and the recipients name must be added to that each year.

Each plaque cost about $125 with engraving and shipping so 5 X 125 = $625 + 5 X $1000 for the chks and you have a total budget of $5625 The plaques are ordered through the internet from Things Remembered-www.thingsremembered.com-as is called Bulova Tier Plaque. They will engrave the plaque so that it is ready to deliver.

Reporting Requirements
Usually report to the club in May when the awards will be presented-then invite the recipients to the club as part of the recognition.