World Community Service Committee 2014 Action Plan

This committee informs and educates members regarding foreign countries and their relationships to the USA, administers the Rotary Group Study Exchange Program by which adult foreign and local professionals (who are not Rotarians) are introduced to foreign cultures and to Rotary in foreign lands.  Administers the club's International Understanding programs.
A committee is formed and meets periodically during the year. 
Timing and Sequence:
There will be 3 or 4 meetings in February, March and April to plan the Group Study Exchange Program. 
The budget is estimated at $750, which is used for the Group Study Exchange Program.
Reporting Requirements:      
There must be a written plan for the Group Study Exchange Program which is sent to the District. 
Unique Requirements:   
The Committee is responsible for 4 International Understanding programs presented in February 2014.  It is anticipated that an important element of these programs will be a presentation and discussion on subjects related to American Foreign Policy.  We will also explore opportunities for presentations that cover current important international topics in areas such as Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the global economy, and terrorism.
Our club has always participated in the district's Group Study Exchange program.  In 2014 we expect to make the arrangements for our club to host another Group Study team.  We will provide hosts for the group study members.  We will prepare detailed plan for the three to four days that the visiting group is in Henderson County.  If the group team visit occurs during the time of a regular club meeting, we will invite the visiting group study members to present a program at that meeting (as we have always attempted to do in previous years).  We will make arrangements for the group members to visit local businesses and organizations, based on their professional backgrounds and expressed interests.  We will provide lunches and a farewell dinner for the group.  We will provide transportation for the group to the next Rotary Club they will be visiting.